World-famed consulting leader and business expert provides research, reports, and trial testimony.
Retail Analysts

Access insight into traditional and online retail trends and technologies via custom reports.

Business Consultants

Hire the consulting firm that's advised over 1000 of today's top companies and brands.

Key Opinion Leaders

Tap into research and analysis from some of the best-known authors in business today.

Retail Expert Witness and Online Shopping Pro: World-Renowned Consultant

Today's biggest retail and online shopping brands turn to us for expert insight and research.

The Expert That Fortune 500 Leaders Trust

World-famed trends expert and futurist Scott Steinberg - recently named the World's Leading Business Expert - has provided thought leadership and consulting to over 1000 brands, including the world's largest retail, Internet, mobile, and online shopping leaders. Need expert witness testimony or reports? You've come to the right place!

Fortune 500 businesses and leading law firms look to our expert research and insight.
Retail expert witnesses and Internet shopping consultants available on-demand.

Custom reports, trial testimony, trend analysis, and more.

Household name brands and retailers in every space turn to us to help make sense of emerging industry developments and disruptions. Discover how we can help you put matters in context.

Need a testifying retail expert witness to provide trial testimony? Research into the shape of mobile, online, and Internet shopping markets - and the trends which most define them? Don't hesitate to reach out today!

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Retail Strategists

Learn how the retail and online retail markets, like customer behavior, are constantly changing.


Consulting Experts

Leverage the latest market research and business intelligence that shows how the retail landscape is changing.


Shopping Advisers

Get detailed insights and advice from the consulting group that the world's largest retailers trust.


Thought Leaders

Discover what's coming next in retail - and how you can stay one step ahead of the curve.

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